Monday, March 19, 2012

Trip report with photographs

The Daves, W6DLF  & W6VYC, would like to thank all of you, (almost 80) who contacted us during our expedition to the Death Valley ghost town of Furnace.  Also, thanks to all of you who posted here and those who sent QSL cards.  Commemorative QSL cards for all received will be going out this week.

Here are the pictures with captions from the trip:
Death Valley Expedition Photos/Movie Clip

Despite some harrowing weather and both of us losing our voices, the trip was a big success. These events caused us to miss out on testing some antenna designs such as kite-lifted, full ground plane verticals and DaveC's 20 meter Moxon beam.  And while we got good at taking up and down tall masts, next time we are going to let nature provide antenna elevation in the form of tall trees!

DaveF, W6DLF & DaveC, W6VYC

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  1. Drew Brashler KD7QCUMarch 21, 2012 at 8:40 PM

    Great photos and good story through the comments. It will be interesting to see the kite lifted antennas next year.

    Thanks for the QSO and I will see you on PSK sometime.