Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please use "Comments" to post info

Once we are at the ghost town of Greenwater we will be without any means of communication except ham radio.  If you are a ham who has worked us and can pass information via comments to this post, that would help us.  The Daves, W6DLF and W6VYC


  1. Hello Dave...I enjoyed working you tonight on 40 meter Olivia from Greenwater Death Valley. Your 5 watts was a solid 559 into northern lower Michigan. I will send my QSL and I hope to receive one of yours from DV in return.
    73, Art K8CIT

  2. KD7QCU here, it is 03:58z on March 5th. Just talked to Dave W6DLF on Olivia 16/500. Really great signal into AZ for 5 watts on 7.035.46.

    Here is part of the QSO that I offered to post up for Dave:

    "We want Hiroki, AH6CY, to know we miss him but will bring back lots of pictures and stories for him.

    Last night a small desert rat chewed throught the dacron rope guying one of our masts. It brought down the entire antenna farm. It took 2 hours this morning to put it back up. We hope that our food offering and other incentive will keep them away tonight, hi hi."

    They have been busy with the ARRL SSB contest doing a lot of QSO's on 10m using their Moxon Beam.

    Dave, W6DLF will be on in the evenings on 40M doing various modes. The Daves will be working all bands from 160m to 10m on Digital and SSB. However look for them in the lower bands in the evening and early morning. During the day they will be on 20m and up.

    If you work them please post the latest mode and freq on here and spot them on your DXspotter.

    The Death Valley Expedition ends March 9th 2012 so make sure that you work them!

    73's from Arizona.

    Drew Brashler, KD7QCU

  3. Hey Dave worked you on psk31 you were at Furnace.

  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for the Olivia 8/250 QSO from Furnace! It was a pleasure to work you qrp! de KC9PDX

  5. Hello Dave - glad I caught you tonight on 40m PSK - FB sigs all the way. Hope to work you again before the return trip - 73 Joe/AC0DR

  6. Great signal tonight into Fayetteville, AR. Pleasure to work you on 40 meters 7.035MHz. have a great expedition! 73 Gary / WB0RUR

  7. Thanks for PSK31 QSO on 7.0374 Mhz at 0320z!
    Good luck on your Death Valley Expedition.
    73 de Gerry ~ K8GGL ~ Kent City, MI

  8. Bob- N4RWT
    That was fun for me working you in Death Valley on Contestia and me playing around with Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice to text. I learned a lot about how this technique will have to evolve. First, I had much more time available and I could have corrected so dictation problems, so any errors would only be from signal issues, not the text. But for the second QSO and the first on Contestia, with this setup, I'm happy.

    I was really surprised that I was talking to someone in Death Valley who knows where Fuquay-Varina is located and spelled it correctly to boot!!

  9. Gary-KD0IIA...Hi Dave and thanks for the Contestia 8/250 contact, my first...I am really hooked on the digital modes and this is just a new one for me...good luck and 73

  10. Phil KA1GMN/WF9XJD - Texas Experimental Radio


    Nice signal on 30 meters Olivia 16-500. Blast those PACTOR bots!



  11. Dave,

    Worked you twice - 3/5/2012 04:20z on 40M Olivia 16/500 and 3/9/2012 02:30z on 20M PSK31. Sounds like you had a great time. I hope you post pictures! Keep those mice away from your guy lines!

    73 de KE7DXM (Doug)

  12. WD5HCK de W6DLF/P
    I enjoyed our PSK 32 QSO very much Dave. Thanks for calling me back and have a great time in your travels. You have a very nice signal and I enjoyed chatting with you. 73 Russell WD5HCK

  13. Thanks again Dave - another FB QSO on 7036.9 kHz, great signals for quite some time. Very cool, esp. with a blog and aprs, good use of that technology without it supplanting radio.
    RRR on the great Wx, likewise here today. Looking forward to reading your trip tales here (esp. guy wire and wind stories) when you get back.
    73 Joe/AC0DR

  14. Dave - PS: never use bacon flavored guy wires. Just not a good idea.....73 Joe/AC0DR